Transmission system


Transmission system

The basic function of the transmission system is to transfer power from the engine to the driving wheels. Transmission system including gearbox, clutch, transmission shaft, differential and other parts, is the driving device of the automobile. Bearings inside, with features such as high temperature resistance, pollution resistance, long life, etc. can meet the needs of various auto models.

Application areas: 

Transmission, differential, reducer, drive shaft, half-shaft, clutch


Transmission system

Design optimization: by selecting suitable materials, bearings’ fatigue resistance are greatly improved; three-convex design of tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing optimizes the stress distribution under heavy load;

Process optimization: to improve the impact resistance of bearing through advanced bearing forging process and special heat treatment process; to improve the lubrication performance by improving the microstructure of bearing ring.


Transmission system

UVK has a skilled professional team with the high speed of response, who can participate in the synchronous development of customers;

Standards for R&D technology on materials and steel production are established;

Various non-standard bearings can be customized according to the bearing working conditions, and the design capability has reached the international advanced level.

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