Forklift belongs to a kind of engineering machinery, including hydraulic forklift and electric forklift, which are used in freight yards, enterprises, shopping malls and other logistics places. Its safety and convenience are favored by people, and the gantry bearing is the main representative of bearings used in forklifts. UVK has long-term experience in supporting this industry and has given many improving ways on products for customers to make forklift trucks safer and have longer life.

Application areas: 

Axle, transmission, gantry



Impact: Optimizing cage design and heat treatment process to improve bearing impact resistance;

Long life: Adopting high-purity bearing steel, to reduce material impurity content and adopting double hardness technology to improve bearing fatigue life.



UVK is able to develop synchronously special purpose bearings according to special working conditions;

UVK can solve your technical problems and provide superior technical supports timely and quickly;

UVK can lower your purchase cost and provide timely product delivery.

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