Auxiliany system


Auxiliary system

The vehicle auxiliary system includes the wiper motor, seat regulating motor, door glass lifting motor and other auxiliary facilities to enhance the practicality and comfort of auto riding.

Application areas: 

Wiper motor, door glass lifting system, electric seat, central control system


Auxiliary system

Low noise: Deep groove ball bearing of UVK reaches the world advanced level of low noise, which comes from the application of low friction torque bearing, low noise grease and the research of low noise bearing technology;

Sealing: reliable sealing performance and special sealing structure design make bearings to achieve the optimal;

Long life: Special cage structure design, sealing structure, high-performance wear-resistant rubber, and special grease selection to ensure the long life of the bearings.


Auxiliary system

UVK offers advanced low-noise miniature bearings with high performance, which leads the domestic market and ranks first-class in the world.

UVK brings you value-added space from high-speed response and intimate technical services;

Based on customers requirements, UVK can customize rolling bearings for special working conditions.

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