Elevators include straight ladder, escalators, traction machines, guide sheaves, etc. The main requirements of bearings for elevators are low noise, low vibration, high load, high torque, low medium-high speed, high reliability and long life, and has high demand for reduced energy consumption. UVK can provide rolling bearings and technical solutions for various sealing structures.

Application areas:

Straight ladder, escalator, traction machine, reducer, guide rope, door opener



In order to provide solutions of low noise, high precision and low energy consumption, UVK optimizes the internal structure of cage and bearing, the selection of grease and sealing based on traditional technology;

For the high reliability and long service life of bearings, UVK uses the most suitable bearing material, and adopts advanced automatic production in the bearing grinding process and combination;

Adopt advanced automatic cleaning machines and special cleaning process to ensure the bearing cleanliness;

High quality low noise, long life grease is selected as bearing grease;

In the whole production process, fully automatic online 100% inspection is applied to ensure 100% pass rate;

UVK provides product solutions and technical services in the entire supporting service system to solve difficult problems encountered by users, and always take customer satisfaction as the purpose.



UVK has been committed to the research and development of low-noise, long-life bearings;

UVK low-noise bearing are proved to be international level products and participates in the preparation and revision of national/industrial technical standards;

UVK formulated series of particular standards of bearing steel;

According to the special working condition of the bearing, special design is adopted to meet the performance requirements, so as to be customized.

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