There are various kinds of pumps, like mud pumps, clean water pumps, submersible pumps, pipeline pump, etc., but they have common harsh working conditions: dusty, moist, high-low temperature requirements. Thus the characteristics of bearings are of low noise, low vibration, low energy consumption, high efficiency and corrosion resistance. UVK is capable to provide technical solutions with various sealed rolling bearings.

Application areas:

Mud pumps, clean water pumps, submersible pumps, pipeline pumps



High precision:  improve product stability with help of advanced equipment and specific production process;

Low noise: ensure high precision with suitable grease type and proper grease volume.

Effective seal: pursue low starting torque with proper seal solution;

Long life: Improves bearing lifetime with high-quality bearing steel and specific heat treatment.



UVK low-noise bearings are proved to be international level products;

UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

UVK presided over the formulation of the industry standards for sealed ball bearings;

According to the bearing condition, customized design is carried out to reach the international advanced level;

Use special anti-salt mist, corrosion-resistant bearing materials, high-performance special lubrication and sealing, special bearing structure design ensure the long bearing life.

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