Metallirgical industy


Metallurgical industry

Metallurgical industry includes smelting, rolling mill, leveling equipment, continuous casting and rolling, etc. The working conditions are characterized by heavy load, high temperature, bad environment, continuous operation and other characteristics, which put forward higher requirements on the bearing service life, capacity, high temperature resistance and reliability. The use of high-quality raw materials, special heat treatment process, and special blank processing process, as well as the optimization of the internal structure offer bearings with higher capacity to improve the operation efficiency, the service life and reliability. Meanwhile, UVK can provide solutions for users.

Application areas:

Smelting, rolling mill, leveling equipment, continuous casting and rolling, roller bed, steel cord.


Metallurgical industry

Excellent weather resistance: use high-quality materials, and high quality grease;

High capacity: optimize internal structure to improve bearings’ capacity;

Long life: the use of high quality steel and special heat treatment process to improve the bearing lifetime.


Metallurgical industry

UVK has the leading technology level in low-noise bearings reaching the international advanced level, and participates in the preparation and revision of national/industrial technical standards;

UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

According to the special working condition of the bearing, special design is adopted to meet the performance requirements, so as to be customized;

Select excellent high-performance special grease, as well as special bearing structure design, to ensure the low noise, and long life of bearings.

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