Grain machinery including flour mill, rice mill or sugar maker, is characterized by rotation speed of 400~600rpm, and continuous speed of 24 hours, thus having higher requirements for vibration noise. Its structure generally includes 4 rolls or 8 rolls. The bearings are installed at both ends of the roll. Spherical roller bearings are generally used. UVK provides solutions for vibration, noise and long life of spherical roller bearings, according to the operating conditions of grain machinery. 

Application areas:

Flour-milling machine, rice-husking machine, sugar maker



Vibration and noise: UVK homocentric technology of double raceway of roller bearings ensures the precision of the bearing and the reducing of the vibration and noise;

Long life: the use of high purity steel, wear resistent and impact resistant brass cage, special grinding equipment and process, and special heat treatment process guarantees the continuous service life of bearings.



UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

According to the bearing conditions, special design is carried out to reach the international advanced level;

Special heat treatment technology solves  the problem of the bearing application in complex working conditions, such as large impact and non-wear resistance;

The application of ROMAX software simulation technology solves high-end technical problems such as bearing force analysis, low torque technology and bearing life expectancy;

UVK TD series bearings have reached the international advanced level.

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