Engineeing machiey


Engineering machinery

Engineering machinery includes road machinery, hoisting machinery, pumping machinery, etc. Due to the working conditions of heavy load, low speed and high safety margin, it highly requires the reliability of rolling bearings.

UVK slewing bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, crescent bearings, and forklift gantry bearings have been successfully matched with hoisting machinery, road machinery, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and other applications. UVK is willing to work with you in the field of engineering machinery by providing you with complete technical solutions.

Application areas: 

Excavating machinery, loading machine, hoisting machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, driving machinery, rock drilling machinery


Engineering machinery

Heavy load: Designs of big crowned roller according to the characteristics of loads can solve the problem of stress concentration under high loads;

Long service life: Adopting high-purity bearing steel, to reduce material impurity content to improve bearing fatigue life;

High temperature: Adopting special heat treatment process to improve the internal metallographic structure of the material and increase the dimensional stability of the bearing under high temperature and high vibration conditions.


Engineering machinery

UVK is able to develop synchronously special purpose bearings according to special working conditions;

UVK can solve your technical problems and provide superior technical support services timely and quickly;

UVK can lower your purchase cost and provide timely product delivery.

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