Medcal equpment


Medical equipment

In view of the particularity of the medical equipment industry and the diversity of the application environment, we select the raw materials, grease, seals and other accessories with special performance, and optimized internal structure to make the bearings have ultra-high speed, low torque, large load, radiation resistance, low volatility, self-lubrication and other performances.

Application areas: 

Toothdrill / Dental drill CT machine, centrifuge


Medical equipment

Select high quality materials for bearings;

Equipped with special grease conforming to safety standards;

Ultra-high silent stability and security;

Special sealing performance to to greatly extend the bearings’ life.


Medical equipment

UVK can solve your technical problems and provide superior technical supports timely and quickly;

UVK can help lower your purchase cost and provide timely product delivery;

According to the different needs of customers, UVK can customize the bearing products with special requirements.

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