Power tool


Power tool

Power tools includes electric drill, electric hammer, electric pick, cutting machine, polishing machine, etc., which run under the harsh conditions of high speed, high impact load, muddy water, dust, variable speed, and so forth. UVK has very mature application technology in the power tools industry and can provide users with solutions.

Application areas: 

Electric drill, electric hammer, electric pick, cutting machine, polishing machine


Power tool

High-sealing performance: the use of special sealing structure and manufacturing process to prevent outside impurities from entering bearings and to avoid grease loss;

High-quality grease performance: avoid the high temperature rise, and use special grease to extend service life;

Bearing internal structure: optimize the bearing internal structure, to extend the service life and improve the efficiency;

High-quality bearing materials: select special bearing steel with a low oxygen content.


Power tool

UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

According to the special working condition of bearings, special design is adopted to meet the performance requirements, reaching the international advanced level;

The use of special heat treatment technology solves the problems of the bearing applications in complex bearing conditions, such as impact load, high speed and variable speed.

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