Eletic motor


Electric motor

Motors including industrial motors, servo motors, stepper motors, variable-frequency motor, explosion-proof motors, special motors, etc., have main characteristics of low noise, low vibration, low energy consumption, high efficiency and so on. C&U has very mature technology in energy saving, low noise, and can provide solutions for users.

Application areas:

Energy-saving motor, high voltage explosion-proof machine, servo motor, encoder, variable-frequency motor, industrial motor


Electric motor

High precision: the use of advanced production equipment and special manufacturing process;

Low noise: the use of suitable grease, suitable amount of grease, high bearing size precision;

Effective seal: the adoption of reasonable seal, and effective protection to get lower starting torque;

Long life: the use of high quality steel and special heat treatment process to prolong the bearing lifetime.


Electric motor

C&U has leading technology in producing low-noise bearing, reaching the international advanced level, and participates in the preparation and revision of national/industrial technical standards;

C&U formulated particular standards of steel;

According to the special working condition of the bearings, special design is adopted to meet the performance requirements, so as to be customized;

Through the test and screening of thousands of kinds of lubricating grease, C&U selects excellent high-performance special grease, as well as special bearing structure design, to satisfy the requirements of low noise, long life in motor industry.

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