Agicutiral maciney


Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery including combine harvester, tractor, seeder, transplanter, tillage machine, etc., works under a bad environment with a lot of dust, mud and water. Only used during slack time, they usually don’t have a high limit speed, but require bearings to have excellent sealing performance. To meet the requirements of harsh working conditions, UVK can provide various rolling bearings and technical solutions for different sealing structures.

Application areas: 

Combine-harvester, tractor, planter, rice transplanter


Agricultural machinery

Sealing: multi-lip seal structure designed to prevent external impurities;

Lubrication: the use of high-quality grease against extreme pressure, water vapor to extend the bearing’s life;

Process optimization: special heat treatment and grinding process to improve the material properties and the microscopic morphology of bearing parts and to prolong the bearing life.


Agricultural machinery

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