Boy bulding equipment


Body building equipment

Body building equipment bearings have the characteristics of low noise, vibration load, high torque, etc. UVK has very mature application technology in the body building equipment industry and can provide solutions for users.

Application areas: Treadmill, massage chair, roller skating, stepper


Body building equipment

Impact: Improving the cage design and heat treatment process to improve bearing impact resistance;

Long service life: Adopting high-purity bearing steel so as to reduce material impurity content to improve bearing fatigue life;

High temperature: Adopting special heat treatment process to improve the internal metallographic structure inside the material and increase the dimensional stability of the bearing under high temperature and high vibration conditions.


Body building equipment

The technology level of UVK in low-noise bearings leads the domestic market and reached the international advanced level;

UVK formulated a series of particular standards of steel;

According to the special working conditions, UVK can customize the bearing products with special designs.

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