Chassis system


Chassis system

Automobile chassis system mainly refers to the frame and axle. The wheels are installed at both ends of the axle. The hub is the main carrier to bear the load and one of the main safety parts. Hub bearings include single-row tapered roller bearings (usually used in pairs), first-generation hub bearings, second-generation hub bearings and third-generation hub bearings, which are widely used in the field of load trucks, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles.

Application areas: 

Axle, wheel hub, damper, ABS system, EPB system


Chassis system

Design optimization: Selecting suitable materials makes offer bearings strong fatigue resistance, and three-convex design of tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing optimizes the stress distribution under heavy load;

Process optimization: To improve the impact resistance of bearing through advanced bearing forging process and special heat treatment process; to improve the lubrication performance by improving the microstructure of bearing ring.


Chassis system

UVK develops bearings suitable to various actual working conditions;

Professional CAE analysis team provides technical support for synchronous development, offering theoretical basis for the evaluation of bearing force, bearing preload and bearing life expectancy.

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