Steering system


Steering system

The function of the automobile steering system is to ensure that the vehicle can be freely and easily steered by the drive. When the speed is low, active steering technology can reduce the steering wheel momentum, thus improving the auto’s performance in parking and urban traffic conditions. When the speed is high, the response to the speed is controlled to enhance the direction stability.

Application areas:

Steering wheel, steering pump, steering column, steering direction machine, steering cross


Steering system

Bearing axial force: the adoption of unique structure design enables the bearing to bear the bi-directional axial load at the same time, which solves the problem that the bearing cannot bear the axial force due to the small space in the automobile steering system;

Long life: UVK uses special bearing steel, special sealing structure, heat-resistant and wear-resistant rubber and special grease, ensuring the long life of bearings.

Steering system

UVK has a skilled professional team with the high speed of response, who can participate in the synchronous development of customers;

Standards for R&D technology on materials and steel production are established;

Various non-standard bearings can be customized according to the bearing working conditions, and the design capability has reached the international advanced level.

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