Household applances


Household appliances

The household appliances include air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, air purifier, lampblack machine, etc. working under a bad working environment with dust, humidity, high and low temperature. Despite of relatively high working speed, they require the low noise of bearings, and reliable sealing performance. To meet the requirements of harsh working conditions, UVK provides various rolling bearings and technical solutions for different sealing structures.

Application areas: 

Air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, fan, range hood, dishwasher, air purifier, bathtub pump


Household appliances

Sealing: Suitable sealing performance; provide contact, and non-contact high-temperature sealing based on working conditions;

High temperature: Adopt special grease and ring special heat treatment process;

High speed: The organic combination of special internal structure design and high precision parts, ith the dmn value of 1 million.

Long life: Application of Special steel and special heat treatment technology to increase bearing life.


Household appliances

UVK low-noise bearings are proved to be products of international advanced level;

UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

UVK presided over the formulation of the industry standards for sealed ball bearing;

According to the bearing working condition, special design is carried out to reach the international advanced level.

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