Industial robot


Industrial robot

One of the foundations of manufacturing 4.0 is intelligent manufacturing. As an emerging industry, industrial robots are required to have stable and accurate operation, which comes from the support of precision robot bearings. Robot bearing is a kind of bearing with special structure and requirements, including the flexible bearing, cross roller bearing, tapered roller bearing and so on used for robot, reducer, drive motor and other parts.

Application areas: 

RV reducer, harmonic reducer, pedestal


Industrial robot

Select special materials to meet the requirements of bearing deformation;

Special structure designed to meet all kinds of requirements;

Adopt special heat treatment process to obtain high dimensional stability;

Special sealing performance, to greatly extend the bearing service life.


Industrial robot

Provide quality technical support services timely and quickly;

Reduce the purchase cost and provide timely product delivery;

According to the different needs of customers, UVK can customize the bearing products with special requirements.

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