Bearings in automobile industry

Automobile is developing towards lightweight, compact size, solidity, high power,good acceleration performance, great comfort, high durability and high reliability,etc. In addition,due to the progress of electronic control technology,theautomobile industry also develops towards the direction of practical.

Main products of this application are:

Electromagnetic clutch bearing AC compressor bearingwater pump bearing hub bearing

NEV bearings

UVK has developed all kinds of bearings such as the drive motor bearing,reducer bearing,etc. for various new energy commercial vehicles, passengervehicles,logistics vehicles and other new energy vehicles,having a leadingposition in terms of high speed and low noise.As an emerging industry featured.

Main products of this application are:

Bs series deep groove ball bearing

Bearing products in Automobile powersystem

Automobile power system,the core of the automobile,provides power supportfor safe driving. It includes automobile engine, generator, tensioner wheel, waterpump, fan, etc. with high operating temperature,high limit speed, long life, highreliability and high sealing performance. UVK can provide technical solutions.

Main products of this application are:

Engine rocker arm bearingalternator bearing

integral shaft water pump bearingTensioner bearing

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