Power transmission


Power transmission

Power transmission includes reducer, gearbox, pump valve, etc.  There are common requirements to bearings: low noise, low vibration, low energy consumption, variable speed, high efficiency and other performances. UVK can provide numerous kinds of sealing structure rolling bearings and technical solutions, and mature technology experience in the energy saving, low noise.

Application areas:

Reducer, gearboxes, hydraulic pump valves, diesel engines


Power transmission

According to the specific working conditions and technical performance of the products, select the appropriate bearing types and specifications;

Select reasonable bearing materials according to different working conditions of the product;

According to the requirements of product performance, choose a more appropriate cage (design, material);

Select reasonable seals (design, materials) according to the working conditions and protection requirements of the product;

According to the working conditions of the motor (speed, load, temperature, tolerance matching parameters), a reasonable internal bearing clearance is selected.


Power transmission

UVK has been committed to the quiet, efficient, long life performance bearing industry development, and has professional technology in the low noise bearing manufacturing technology,the product performance in the forefront of the industry.

UVK low-noise bearing lead domestic, and reach the international advanced level, and participates in the preparation and revision of national/industrial technical standards;

UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

According to the special working conditions of the bearings, special design is adopted to meet the performance requirements, so as to be customized;

Select excellent high-performance special grease, as well as special bearing structure design, to ensure the bearings to reach low noise, long life requirements.

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