Office automation machines include computer, money counter, printer, paper shredder, hand dryer, etc. The operating conditions are mainly characterized by normal temperature, medium and low speed, and light load. This requires the outstanding performance in bearings’ low noise and flexibility. UVK has accumulated years of experience in production technology, through optimizing internal structure design. Aimed at special application environment of OA equipment, we have developed ceramic ball bearings, stainless steel bearings, conductive bearings and other bearings, all of which are widely used by domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, UVK can provide various rolling bearings with technical solutions.

Application areas: 

Computer, money counter, printer, hand dryer, ATM, paper shredder, fan, support frame.



Sealing: Suitable sealing performance; provide contact, and non-contact high-temperature sealing based on working conditions;

Low noise: Adopt special low-noise grease and optimize the grinding process of the ring;

High precision: Ensure the organic combination of bearing ring accuracy and high-precision parts and components to improve installation accuracy;

Long life: Use special steel and special heat treatment technology to increase bearing life.



UVK low-noise bearings are proved to be products of international advanced level;

UVK formulated particular standards of steel;

UVK presided over the formulation of the industry standards for sealed ball bearing;

According to the bearing condition, special design is carried out to reach the international advanced level.

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